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... the rest of my life.
Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Date:2007-06-16 22:05
Subject:We have a house.
Mood: tired

It's yet again been quite a while since I last posted, but things have been hectic. Hopefully, once we've finished moving into our new place, things should settle down a bit. Previous hecticness was the combination of baby stuff, sorting out a host of problems with a motorbike I got as a gift from my parents (long story) and a range of dramas involving the purchase of our house, mainly involving lots of bits of paperwork and unreliable people.

Baby stuffCollapse )

House stuffCollapse )

So other than all that, work's going really well, and I'm missing all of my friends. I can't really do things on weeknights anymore, unless people are happy to wait until 7pm for me to get there. Weekends are all pretty good though (well not the next couple with moving, but after that) now that I've got a regular weekday job, so it'd be neat if we could catch up on a Saturday or Sunday semi-regularly. I've blown a wad of money at Milsims, so I have some boardgames now (although I'll never rival lukeii) so a games day or weekend would be neat if people were willing to treck out here (it's only Zone 2 (now) and then about a 10 minute walk) or else I could bring a few and treck in. Movie outings to Kino Dendy or Nova would also be cool, since I've discovered that mainstream cinema pretty much sucks these days. I'll try putting something on adventuration once the house moving thing has finished, although I'm curious to know how many other people would be interested in that kind of thing.

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