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... the rest of my life.
Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Date:2007-04-19 20:18
Subject:Photos of my desk at work

Finally got around to taking and posting photos of my desk at work. You can find them under the cut.Collapse )

Work has been okay. As soon as I fix up one thing, I discover something else that needs fixing, but at least it's all progress. I've been battling with the factory calibration code that deals with the power output of the radio, and it's all quite sensitive and finicky: one small change can through half a dozen things out of sync. Finally got a chunk of it sorted today though, and much better than it was before (this round of 'fixing' began because there was a fault in the powersupply that was fixed, which meant all the previous calibration stuff I'd worked on was slightly out of whack).

Got the contracts and whatnot for another home loan, this one being 0.41% lower than the last one we applied for (only 6.99%, standard variable, which is quite good as far as I can tell). There are some small problems with the details in the contract so far (e.g. they haven't got the PPR (principal place of residence) rate of stamp duty, despite the fact that we filled in the application saying it would be owner occupied) and there's a whole lot of contracty type clauses and stuff I still have to go through. Only 9 weeks to go now, which is really exciting. I'm really looking forward to it.

Nothing new on the baby front, next appointment (and ultrasound) is in a couple of weeks. I'll post some of the pictures from the last ultrasound hopefully later this evening. They make a whole lot more sense when you've seen them live, rather than static images, but what the hey.

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Date:2007-04-19 20:44
Subject:12th Week Ultrasound Pictures.

Ultrasound Pictures; cut for your convenienceCollapse )

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