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Our baby waved... :)

Jacqui had her first ultrasound appointment today, and I took some time off work to go with her. It was actually a whole lot cooler than I was expecting, you can see a whole lot more when it's actually happening than I've ever been able to make out in those fuzzy pictures you see. The other thing that surprised me was how active the baby was... I had always assumed they were fairly sedentary, at least for the first few months, but it was swinging its arms around and carrying on like it was having a great time. It looks much bigger on the screen too, but it's about 5.8cm long at the moment, and 11 weeks, 6 days (well, 12 weeks by the time I post this). I don't know what else to say about it, but that it was really cool.

Other exciting news is that we're almost at the 3 months to settlement mark, to when we can move into a home that we could call our own if it weren't for the bank mortgage, but at least a place that we can pretend is our own.

Work is excellent, every day presents new challenges, which I get to work on solving with a combination of programming and tens of thousands of dollars worth of electronics equipment. I quite like my desk at work, I have on it a computer, a pad of paper and a pen, 3 prototype boards for development, and then about a dozen test instruments and a pile of cables to wire everything up. I actually sit under the stairs. I should see if I can take a photo one day and post it. The last few days I've been working on synchronising the crystal used to keep time in our test unit against the crystal used to generate the transmission frequency. The time crystal is relatively inaccurate (50 parts per million, or roughly 0.005% error), and the radio crystal is quite accurate and has elaborate compensation curves. After two days of discovering "undocumented features" of the CPU, and chasing signals around with equipment synchronised against nuclear clocks floating around in satellites (just GPS, but it sounds cooler my way) I managed to get the error of the time crystal down to 0.2 parts per million, or roughly 1 second drift every 2 months. I love my job.

Oh, also, MilSims had a sale on the weekend, and I bought the Mormon version of "Settlers of Catan", called "Settlers of Zarahemla". The setup is easier than the basic game, but otherwise it's pretty much the same. It also offers rules for a two player version. It's basically just a polished version of the original, with new artwork and biblical references.
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