Parakleta (parakleta) wrote,

Testing out new software

My laptop hard drive died last weekend, and this weekend I bought a replacement. While I managed to back up most everything, I haven't been in a hurry to restore stuff onto the new drive. I think with the changes in my routine from finishing uni and starting a full time job I might take this opportunity to kind of start fresh with my computer.

So far I've only really installed Adium, Menumeters, and Skype. This post was starting out as one posted through the LJ IM service, but I muffed it up and posted too early, so I'm finishing it here. Having the ability to post through IM will make it easier to make frequent posts. This is my first time actually using Adium, and it's quite cool. I'd sort of known it was for a while, but had always used Proteus in the past, and didn't want to lose message logs and all that crap by changing to a new client. Now seems to be a good time for changes.

Anyway, that was all, just me testing out Frank.
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