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Bucks Night

sallyslicer, my Best Woman (or groomsmaid or something), is organising a more traditional bucks night for this Thursday. The last pub outing where I don't have to pretend it was a late work meeting :)

Subject:  a pub nite to end all pub nites

.. duane can attend as a single man..

duane is getting married on saturday!!  thursday night is our last
chance to talk him out of it!

and our best weapon for that is beer!

i imagine cockman's is a good starting point, and from there.. we can
head on to a suitably ill reputed etablissment (i'm envisioning the
cue but am open to suggestions)

soo.. cockmans at 6.30/7pm thurs night ???

cockmans of course referring to The Corkman, where the engagement party was held.
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