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Wedding Progress

Hmm... so, I haven't posted properly since before the engagement party... time does weird things when your busy all the time. The engagement party was great, thanks to everyone who came.

The speech moment was rather awkward, more than anything else because I'd spoken to Jacqui that I didn't want to do a speech that night and she'd told her father, and then he decided to dump me in it. He's pretty keen for speeches, so I don't know if he just got carried away or if he hoped I'd get into it anyway. I'm not so good at thinking on my feet though, I tend to pause to think, get self-conscious about pausing, and then end up unable to think. For some reason this doesn't happen when I'm teaching though, I think because I get so engrossed in the thinking that I don't get self-conscious... I think all in all it went ok though. (do you think maybe I like the word think, there were rather a lot in that last sentence)

I can't even remember what's happened since then, it's all kind of blurred together.

Jacqui and I have started applying for places to live once we're married. The one I'm currently keen on is a huge (old) top floor apartment on Dandy road in Caulfield North... It's the best location and the best actual place I think out of all that we've looked at so far, so I'm pretty keen. Hopefully we'll hear back in the next few days.

We've arranged for one of the pastors from Jacqui's parish to marry us, and part of the deal with having a minister seems to be that you do a pre-marriage counselling course. We had our first meeting for that the other day, which basically involved filling out a questionnaire, which will be processed and the results given back to us at a later session. The questionnaire was actually much better than I thought it would be, just the questions themselves made me think a fair bit about our relationship and my part in it, so that was pretty cool.

Went to a bridal expo on Sunday, and it was totally crap, a real waste of money. I was hoping to find a good deal for getting my suit, but it was basically just businesses shoving glossy brochures in your hands saying to come to their store. Also, the catwalk models were really scary... bags of bones that for some reason reminded me of Cruella DeVille. Although the catwalk blokes were hilarious, really really funny. They had such serious expressions, I wanted to pull funny faces at them and try to make them laugh.

After that disaster, we (Jacqui, sallyslicer, SWALJ and I) decided to just head into Myer's suit store in the city to buy something there. That was an excellent experience, the service was really good, the saleswoman I had was professional, knowledgeable and helpful, and the suit is really nice. Better yet, the price wasn't any more than a formal suit from anywhere else, and really quite good when comparing the quality to the quality/price of a Roger David suit.

I've bought my wedding suit now :D And I reckon I look pretty good in it too. For some reason it's one of the big things that makes the day seem very real now, I think because now I know what I'm going to look like, I can put myself into the wedding that's been playing over and over in my head for the last few weeks.

Like, a bizillion other things have happened too, but I'm going to bed, so it'll have to wait until next time.
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