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Live Coda Challenge

Well, they ended up using our final time, rather than the time for our first solution, but we still came second. Even then, we only missed first place by 20 seconds, so that rocked. And there's prize money, which I'll pick up tomorrow afternoon. :)

Everything else is going fairly well, managed to find my birth certificate this morning, after almost giving up last night, so that's good... it'll make official type paperwork easier to do, which is important. I've managed to get most of my uni work out of the way, so I can focus on doing wedding prep stuff, and paid work (which is important to pay for said wedding). All in all I think I have a very productive 2 months ahead of me, which will be good.

Engagement party this Saturday. Looking forward to it, and catching up with people I haven't seen in a while, and friends of Jacqui's I haven't met yet.
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