Parakleta (parakleta) wrote,

Ok, I have to post something good now...

It's been a while since I've actually made a post of substance. The last few have been rants, which doesn't reflect my usual state since I'm usually too happy to bother posting.

Things have been going really well with Jacqui. So far we've spent the last two weekends travelling around Victoria on my bike, first to bonesinger's engagement party in Heathcote, and then to visit Jacqui's aunt just past Geelong, and to visit the Hare Krsna farm out in Winchelsea (which was nice enough, but I don't think I'd go again).

This coming weekend we're planning to go camping in Bright. I would be excited about it but I haven't really thought about it at all... in fact, I keep wondering what I'm going to do with my weekend and then remembering that I've already got plans. Not sure why that is, I think it's the impending uni-ness coming on.

Uni stuff has been going really well too, actually. Two people took interest in the project I had proposed, and they're both eager, enthusiastic and motivated, and actually have experience working together and on a similar project, and their backgrounds are appropriate. I couldn't have hoped for better partners on the project. I was so sure I wouldn't get any partners, or any decent ones at least, given that my project missed the listing for first round offers, so this is a very pleasant surprise.

The head tutor stuff is still a bit up in the air. Linda (the lecturer) is quite busy with other things this semester, and I don't know enough about what's going on to know really what I should be doing (I've already done a fair bit of work, but feel I should be doing more), so I'm focussing on my project for now so I can free up some time when she needs me. Hopefully it should become clearer exactly what's involved when I go to the training day tomorrow. I didn't get any extra tutoring like I hoped, but strangely no one else I know seems to have either, so none of us are sure who's actually doing the tutoring.

Gentoo is as painful as I remember linux being, but it's giving me the experience I want and need, so I'll forgive it.
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